About Scott Riggs Tiffanys

About Scott Riggs Tiffanys
and Handcrafted Shades

Reflections of the past offer a sophisticated elegance and grace which is captured by the finest of stained glass artisans today such as Scott Riggs of California.

About Scott Riggs Tiffanys and Handcrafted ShadesWith an impeccable eye for detail and quality unsurpassed by no others, Scott is a master of interpretation in creativity often accomplished only by the vision possessed by Tiffany himself. The color combinations and quality of the glass used by Scott inspire the creation of exquisite beauty and sophistication that whisper in gentle harmonies. Scott’s personal commitment to excellence is a true testament to the memory and unforgettable contribution set forth by the expertise of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Creating a masterpiece of heirloom quality is a passion for this skillful artist. He has the ability and creative vision to make the glass come alive and speak volumes. Scott’s distinctive lamps now grace the homes of fine art and discriminating antique collectors worldwide.

Scott Riggs

Scott RiggsScott is a self taught stained glass artist who began creating Tiffany reproduction lamps in 1980 after painstakingly studying the craftsmanship and designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany. It is his careful assessment of the craftsmanship and commitment to excellence that sets Scott Riggs apart from all other lamp artists. Unlike many other lamp shade makers today, Scott’s exclusive focus is on creating Tiffany Reproduction Lamps only.

The artistry captured and expressed by Scott Riggs is of museum quality and he will create a personal art treasure to be admired and appreciated by all who are fortunate enough to share in its beauty and historical value. A lamp masterfully created by Scott will indeed be a treasure to be handed down from family generation to generation. As with Louis Comfort Tiffany, Scott too desires to add grace and beauty to every home at very affordable prices. If you would like to own a one of a kind, extraordinary custom created treasure of art to grace your home or office, contact him with your specifications.