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    As with Louis Comfort Tiffany, Scott also desires to add grace and beauty to every home at very affordable prices.
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Tiffany Lamps and Tiffany Shades

Welcome to Scott Riggs Tiffanys

You will discover museum quality Tiffany Stained Glass Lamps that are created to the client’s specifications and desires.

As a 35 year stained glass artisan, Scott has become an architect of eloquence in his mastery of Tiffany designs. He now concentrates his focus solely on building museum quality lampshades inspired by the wisdom, methodology and painstaking attention to detail of Louis Comfort Tiffany's originals.

Stained glass is timeless and has been a symbol of success for centuries. Like we witness in European castles and cathedrals, stained glass will endure across the generations, never losing its luster or beauty and these lamps will provide a legacy for their owners and all generations to come. Original Tiffany Studios Lamps can run from tens of thousands to millions of dollars to own, but for a fraction of that cost you can own a comparable masterpiece that your family will be thrilled to use on a daily basis.

Browse the four different size categories of Tiffany Shade galleries, view Lamp Bases gallery or view glass styles. Contact Scott Riggs with questions or about a quote for a handmade custom Tiffany Lamp.


Tiffany Shades Gallery

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